Real Estate

Purchasing a house or condominium will be, for many people, the single largest and most important purchase of their lives.  While buying a house may seem like a milestone or rite of passage that everyone strives for, you are not required to handle it alone.  Many things can go wrong during the purchase and transfer of property.  Elsafadi Law can ensure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

We assist our clients in a variety of real estate transactions, including sales and purchases, mortgages, refinancing, title transfers and residential leases.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your residential real estate legal needs from start to finish.

Our pricing

Our Affordable Packages


  • Home Purchase $799 + GST
  • Home Purchase with Mortgage $899 + GST
  • Condo Purchase $799 + GST
  • Condo Purchase with Mortgage $899 + GST


  • Home Sale - $ 799 + GST
  • Condo Sale - $899 + GST

Refinancing and Other Transactions

  • Mortgage Refinancing $799 + GST
  • Transfer of Land Only  $499 + GST
  • Additional Second Mortgage 499 + GST